When Do You Need Commercial Auto Insurance?
March 22, 2017

When Do You Need Commercial Auto Insurance?

Employee Weekly Time SheetThere is a thin line between when someone needs commercial auto insurance and when they need standard auto coverage.

A vehicle that’s involved in business operations likely needs commercial auto insurance coverage. This policy includes higher levels of comprehensive and liability coverage — which can usually offer more financial help if damage claims fall on a business.

Commercial auto insurance can cover both business-owned vehicles and privately owned vehicles. Often, people use privately owned vehicles for commercial purposes. These uses might include:

  • Driving a private vehicle to meet with clients or partners remotely.
  • Transporting business materials or deliveries to a work site or to a client.

But, don’t assume all business actions you take in a private car qualify for commercial auto coverage. Situations like these don’t necessitate commercial auto insurance:

  • Simple errands don’t necessarily pose a significant risk to businesses. Going to the store for office paper probably doesn’t warrant commercial auto coverage.
  • Commuting to work in a private vehicle doesn’t necessitate commercial auto insurance. If you drive a company vehicle, however, you might need this coverage.

But, you don’t always need commercial auto coverage. You often have choices in order to insure the risks that your private vehicle causes a business:

  • The business could invest in higher levels of liability coverage. This approach might still protect you even if you don’t get a commercial auto insurance policy. Never assume a business insurance policy automatically protects you.
  • You may only need to have a higher liability limit added to your personal auto policy. But, don’t assume that high liability levels outweigh the need for commercial auto insurance.
  • The higher your business risks, the higher the likelihood is that you need a commercial auto insurance policy.
  • The best way to figure out whether you need commercial auto insurance is to talk to your insurance agent. Factors such as the frequency and purpose of use can help you choose the right auto coverage. Your agent can help you decide which type of policy you need.

If you’re going to do business from your vehicle, talk to your employer and your insurance provider. Together, you can choose how best to cover the business and the car.

Let us help you find the right policy. Call Guardian Insurance at (855) 554-6482 today for a fast and easy commercial auto insurance quote.

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