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As we begin to approach the spring, most of us here in Georgia will likely see seasonal weather changes. As warm fronts move into the area, the might bring inclement weather with them. Fronts frequently contain storms, rain, wind, hail and other weather hazards.  READ MORE >>

Now that winter is in full force, you likely spend a lot of time trying to keep warm. Still, heating your home takes energy, and energy costs money. So, you want to warm up as efficiently as possible. If you don’t heat your home properly, you might do damage. READ MORE >>

You own a pickup truck. You use it for business-related tasks such as going to a client's home. You also use it to drive the kids back and forth to school. You use it for both commercial and personal needs. Do you need commercial auto insurance? Should you use just personal auto insurance? READ MORE >>

Large-scale disasters create worrisome conditions. After the storm passes, the cleanup can take a long time. Waiting for help is more difficult. Your home insurance agent will do his or her best to help you in this event. Most insurers will call in extra adjusters to hurry the process. READ MORE >>

All owners need business insurance to cover liability. Even in very careful situations, there is still the risk of someone who may get injured or suffer a loss. However, companies can be proactive. Reducing this risk means understanding what your obligations are. READ MORE >>

A car accident occurs. You and your passenger have injuries. Who pays the medical bills? Many factors play a role in this outcome. However, if the driver is negligent, he or she may be responsible for paying the medical bills of anyone hurt. With auto insurance, ample medical coverage for passengers is important. READ MORE >>

When it comes time to find a new home, you often have a lot on your plate. Whether you are currently renting in Lawrenceville, Roswell, Buford, Duluth, Snellville or surrounding areas, you face more than just the responsibility to pack up and move out. You often have several legal and personal responsibilities that you must square away. READ MORE >>

Most motorcyclists know they operate a more sensitive vehicle than the average car. Motorcycles require care when operating. They also don’t offer the same structural security as a standard vehicle. For this reason, bikers need to maintain adequate visibility when riding. READ MORE >>

Even if you’re not out at sea, you can still damage your vessel. Or, worse, you can damage yourself. It’s important to understand the ins and outs of dock safety. Understanding near-water safety can spare you injuries, hefty fines and even boat damage. Your boat insurance policy doesn’t cover everything. READ MORE >>

If you operate a limo business, you understand customers expect a high standard of service. Limo service walks a fine line between standard business operations and car services. Limo companies face unique insurance risks. Insurance for limo services is almost always a requirement. READ MORE >>

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