Some Ways to Save on Auto Insurance
May 5, 2023

Some Ways to Save on Auto Insurance

Everyone is looking to save on their auto insurance and there are multiple ways to do it. It’s always best to contact your independent agent to get more details but here are a few tips to get you started on keeping your car safe and your wallet heavy. car driving on the road

  • Policy bundles: If you have auto insurance, most likely you need coverage for the other aspects of your life as well. Bundling these policies together with the same provider can provide some nice savings, up to 15 percent in some cases.  
  • Fewer payments: Every time you make a payment on your premium, there’s typically an added processing few. Scratch out as many of those few as possible by paying less payments per year if possible. If you have the finances to make less but bigger payments throughout the year, do it. It’ll always be cheaper in the long run.  
  • Safe drivers: this is a no-brainer – driving safer means you’re less risky to insure which means cheaper insurance rates Keep a clean record, avoid accidents and you’ll not only keep yourself safe, but your wallet will feel better as well.  
  • Good credit score: A good credit score usually means someone is responsible with their money and reliable to pay off any owed money. That means you’re less risky to insure. Make sure you have a good credit score and not a lot of outstanding debts and it’ll be much easier to get a less expensive rate.  
  • Discount options: You’d be surprised at the multiple discount options providers have out there for various reasons: good students, long-time customers, seniors, teachers and others. These discounts can be somewhat hidden by providers, so make sure you contact your independent agent and let them know so they can get it for you. 

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