Do You Need Flood Insurance?
septiembre 8, 2014

Do You Need Flood Insurance?

FloodingDo you need flood insurance? That is a key question to ask when you purchase a home. Let’s look at the reasons you might need flood insurance.

  • High Risk Area: If you live in a high risk area, then you definitely should consider flood insurance. Whatever institution holds your mortgage will often require it. Flood maps are used to determine if a location is a high risk, and your independent insurance agent can help you with that information.
  • Medium/Low Risk Area: But what if you don’t live in a high risk area? Do you still need flood insurance? Consider the following:
    1. You may consider flood insurance if the weather has changed in your area and you notice more rainfall, snowfall or a river or creek nearby with higher water levels. You might also consider flood insurance if you notice that the boundaries of a creek or river have changed due to erosion. You might want to consult with your agent to see if the flood boundaries are changing due to weather changes.
    2. If you live near the coast, it’s a great idea to have flood insurance. The unpredictable nature of hurricanes can cause floods. Anyone who lives on the coast has the chance of experiencing a hurricane and should protect their homes with flood insurance. Even if you live a few miles inland, the floodwaters can reach your home. Check the flood map to see how close you are to a high risk area and then talk with your agent to decide if you need flood insurance.
    3. If you live in a low elevation area where there is the possibility of a flash flood, you need flood insurance. Flash floods can happen just about anywhere as a result of rapid rainfall. Even in the desert, you could be the victim of a flash flood. Your insurance agent can help you see which areas historically have flash floods as you make your decision about flood insurance.

Those are three reasons to consider flood insurance. Your insurance agent can help you find the best policy for your family and can help you see how adding that policy can save you thousands of dollars if your home is flooded.

We’re here to assist you. Call Guardian Insurance at (404) 663-4876 for more information on Lawrenceville flood insurance.

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