Auto Insurance Coverage for Passenger Medical Bills
septiembre 12, 2017

Auto Insurance Coverage for Passenger Medical Bills

image of car accident in georgiaA car accident occurs. You and your passenger have injuries. Who pays the medical bills? Many factors play a role in this outcome.

However, if the driver is negligent, he or she may be responsible for paying the medical bills of anyone hurt. With auto insurance, ample medical coverage for passengers is important. Do you have coverage? And, if so, what additional protection may you need?

What Your Existing Coverage Offers

Most Georgia car insurance plans have liability insurance. This type of coverage provides protection to other people when you cause an accident. This may include medical costs.

For example, if you cause an accident and another driver suffers a broken leg, your policy likely covers that injury’s medical bills. The policy will likely have per person and per accident limits. High liability auto insurance is a good idea here.

What Is Medical Payments Coverage?

Many drivers will benefit from medical payments coverage. This type of car insurance helps cover the medical costs of those hurt in an accident. This particular policy covers the policyholder as well as passengers and members of the policyholder’s immediate family living with them. Medical payments coverage may not take negligence into consideration. That is, it usually covers anyone hurt no matter who is responsible.

Having medical payments coverage makes sense. Because the cost of a single accident can be thousands of dollars, this coverage might defray many of those costs. This coverage can be extensive, offering features such as:

  • Covering you when you hit another driver
  • Covering you when a car hits you while walking
  • Covering your spouse or child living with you when he or she is operating the vehicle
  • Covers your passengers if they suffer injuries after another vehicle hits you
  • Covers your child while he or she is riding in another person’s car

Medical payments coverage can offer enough protection to ensure you can have peace of mind. Policies do differ. Discuss what you can expect to see covered before you obtain any coverage. Furthermore, never assume that you don’t need health insurance in addition to medical payments insurance. Health insurance can greatly help you cover your own injuries following an accident.

What’s Right for You?

Talk to a Guardian Insurance agent about your options. Determine if adding medical payments coverage is wise. With high medical costs, having this type of insurance protection makes sense for any driver. It also helps anyone else living in your home. Discuss all of the options for medical coverage with your auto insurance agent before agreeing to the terms.

Need auto insurance? Let Guardian Insurance help. Call us at (770) 277-4779 for a fast, free policy quote.

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