What’s The Best Insurance For High-Risk Drivers?
January 19, 2016

What’s The Best Insurance For High-Risk Drivers?

Gavel and FlagHigh-risk drivers are those individuals that are deemed most likely to be involved in an accident or cause damage to property in another form. There are many reasons for being labeled as a high-risk driver by the court system. Some of the most common ones include having previous DUI or DWI offenses on record, previous high-value property loss caused by an at-fault accident or a previous instance of not having adequate Auto Liability Insurance. In these cases, the court may require you to seek out High-Risk Insurance, also known as SR-22 Insurance.

What Does High-Risk Auto Insurance Do?

SR-22 Insurance isn’t actually Auto Insurance. Rather, it’s a statement sent from your insurance company to the court system that states you have sufficient coverage. By issuing this statement, your insurance company recognizes that you are a high-risk driver due to your previous incidents and, when necessary, can increase the amount of your premiums. If you were to cancel your policy or fail to make payments on it, the insurance company would be required to notify the state, after which point your license would likely be suspended.

Why do states require this type of insurance? Because you have already been involved in an accident, the insurance company needs to be sure you have the financial means in place to protect other drivers on the road with you. This certificate works as a type of safety net to help prevent you from driving without the right coverage.

Why Is It Necessary For You?

The court will tell you when you need to carry this type of insurance. They will also tell you how long you will need to keep such documentation on file. For many people, having this insurance provides you with the ability to drive. Without it, the courts may take away your license, which can significantly impact your ability to work or get around.

If you need to have this form of car insurance, be sure to obtain it from your independent insurance agent. This helps ensure you get the right level of Auto Insurance at the best price possible.

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