Tips on Getting Affordable Auto Insurance Quotes For High-Risk Drivers
January 18, 2013

Tips on Getting Affordable Auto Insurance Quotes For High-Risk Drivers

Sometimes, it can get difficult to find auto insurance cover that fits all your needs. It even becomes trickier when one assumes the status of a high-risk road user. However, this does not mean that they totally cannot find affordable auto insurance quotes with their not-so-perfect driving record. This is because some companies have come up with suitable policies to cater for the needs of such drivers.

So, when is a road user termed as a high-risk driver? This is a common question for most people when they approach an auto insurance company and are given this status. Basically, there are various reasons why a driver will be termed so. For this reason, all you need to do is ask the agent to point out why they would put you in such category.

Your age, experience, credit rating and past driving record will determine if you are a high-risk road user or not. There are other factors that the company will consider but the said are major. In most countries, young people are seen to lack enough driving experience, compared to senior citizens, thus having high possibility of causing accidents. Teenage drivers will also fall under this category. In addition, they commonly own sports cars that are associated with high speed.

Poor driving history can also make you a high-risk road user. This is depicted by the number of speeding tickets you have within span of short time, frequent at-fault auto accidents with uninsured vehicle, conviction for Driving Under influence/Driving While Intoxicated (DUI/DWI) and others. Insurers will also consider your credit rating when calculating the insurance premiums.

In this case, the firm views you as having high chances of being involved in at-fault road accidents, thus increasing their risk if they insure you. The firm caters to this situation by imposing high premiums rates which are in most cases non-renewable. It is also good to note that most standard insurance firms will not offer coverage to such drivers. This makes it challenging for those in need to find proper policies and more so, at an affordable rate.

What are the options of auto insurance cover for a high-risk driver?

Though challenging to find a low-cost auto insurance cover when you’re considered high-risk, there is still some hope.  Of importance is to be aware of how your driving record exactly looks like before you engage a certain provider. You can confirm this best with the Department of Motor Vehicles within your state. After discovering the faults on your record, make sure to pay any dues or fines and clear your name from the records of violated laws. You should also focus on becoming a better driver to come out of this status and assume a low-risk label.

Find out which companies within your area may give regular discounts on premiums for high risk drivers. Such can help you save a lot on your premiums. Some firms offer discounts for drivers who have taken a safety course in driving, cars with automatic air-bags and seatbelts or if you maintain an accident-free driving record for some time.

Besides, those firms offering policies for such drivers compete to maintain their clients. In their bid to get business, they come up with policies at competitive rates. It is thus wise to shop around and get quotes from various providers. Compare their terms and choose that best suits you.

Using the above tips on getting affordable auto insurance quotes for high risk drivers, you can save a few coins even when in this status. However, the sooner you get out of this status the better. Remember, you can easily lose your license if you continue violating traffic rules when already a high-risk driver. For affordable quotes on high-risk auto insurance, call Guardian Insurance at 1-855-GO-GUARDIAN (1-855-464-8283) for details about your Buford Auto Insurance policy needs.

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