The Benefits Of A Joint Auto Insurance Policy Between Unmarried Couples
December 16, 2015

The Benefits Of A Joint Auto Insurance Policy Between Unmarried Couples

Unmarried CoupleA joint insurance policy between unmarried couples is not always considered. Many people living together don’t assume they can obtain this type of insurance protection, but in most cases they can. In doing so, they may be able to gain some key advantages, including protecting their loved ones from financial risk and minimizing overall costs for coverage.

Property Insurance, Including Car Insurance

If you own property with another person, whether a home or vehicle, it’s generally very easy to obtain home or auto insurance with that person. Most insurance carriers recognize the need for both parties to have coverage and will list them on the same plan. Although it used to be much more difficult to obtain coverage like this, today it is virtually no different than purchasing with a married partner.

Why Invest In Joint Insurance Plans?

There are numerous reasons to invest in auto insurance policies like this.

  • In most cases, if you own a single car under two names, one plan is enough and; it saves you money to have two parties on the insurance policy.
  • It may be possible to qualify for discounts, such as bundled insurance savings, if you own more than one vehicle or more than one policy through the insurer.
  • It makes it easier to transfer ownership of the vehicle to the other person if there is a need to do so at some point.

It’s important to list both parties as owners, if that is in fact the case. Unmarried couples can also enter into an auto insurance policy together by listing the secondary person as a secondary driver or alternative driver. However, this does not show ownership in the vehicle.

If you are considering the options available to you when obtaining car insurance or any other asset-based insurance plan, talk to an agent about your options. You may find that it’s easy and cost-effective to make the switch to a single policy with both parties listed. It could even help to drastically reduce costs especially if both parties own the vehicle or multiple vehicles together.

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Have you benefited from combining insurance policies with a significant other? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments section below.

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