The Benefit of General Liability Insurance for Home Repairmen
September 23, 2020

The Benefit of General Liability Insurance for Home Repairmen

When running your business, you need appropriate general liability insurance. Often, this coverage can provide extensive protection for the business in case its mistakes harm others. Once of the benefits of coverage is that it will protect you and your employees both on and off your property.  a person wearing a costume

As a result, you’ll be able to take coverage with you wherever you go. This is especially beneficial for repairmen. Those who travel to different peoples’ properties to perform their duties are not immune from liabilities. Should issues occur while on the job site, your general liability insurance can be of benefit. 

Understanding General Liability Insurance 

General liability insurance is applies when the business’s mistakes or negligence cause harm to other people. In most cases, it applies when clients sustain harm for which the business is responsible. Because the business’s mistakes caused the problem, the business will often have to repay them. General liability insurance will enable them to do so without a large financial loss. 

This Benefit to Home Repairmen 

Under general liability coverage, there is significant protection available for repairmen who visit other peoples’ properties to perform their duties. Policies usually offer three benefits: 


  • Bodily injury liability coverage will pay when the business’s mistakes harm someone. So, suppose that you spill something on the floor of the home you are deep cleaning. The client slips in the puddle, falls and then sues you. General liability insurance can help you cover the damage because the spill was your fault. 

  • Property damage liability coverage pays when you damage someone else’s property. When making a house call, you are supposed to keep your repairs or work within the scope of your job. Any property damage done in the meantime might entitle the client to repayment. 

  • Completed operations coverage is an essential element of many general liability policies. It is especially beneficial to home repairmen. You might visit someone’s home to complete a project such as construction or upgrades to the home. Once you finish the job and go home, you hope the work will turn out fine. However, there is a chance that it will not. Should your completed job fail and cause damage the home, then the property owner might have a right to compensation. 

Keep in mind, you can also augment a standard general liability policy. By getting several extra benefits, you can receive extra assistance in case of claims made against you. In the end, you can receive adequate compensation for any of your potential losses. 

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