Seasonal Tips to Protect Your Home
January 7, 2015

Seasonal Tips to Protect Your Home

Nice HomeHaving adequate homeowners insurance is an absolute necessity. In the event of a disaster, you might lose everything. And while that insurance policy is an excellent hedge against the unexpected, making a claim and replacing your possessions is a big hassle. Putting in the time to keep your home safe can help minimize the chances of disaster. With these tips, you can reduce your risk of damage and protect your home investment this season.


Whether you use a heat pump, furnace or both, you should get your heating equipment in order. If your furnace has poor ventilation, you may experience more than just inadequate heating. Furnaces release a small amount of carbon monoxide (CO). While having a little CO in the air outside does not pose significant harm, a buildup of CO in your home may be deadly. According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than 20,000 people visit the hospital each year for treatment of CO poisoning. You can easily reduce your risk by having your HVAC system serviced before winter’s chill arrives.


While the interior of your home poses certain dangers to your health, the exterior requires maintenance as well. Gutters clogged with leaves are more than just a pain. If gutters are fully plugged, runoff from rain and snow has nowhere to go. An overflowing gutter could damage your roof or your home’s foundation. While you are at it, check your roof for missing or broken shingles to protect your roof from leaks. And take the time to inspect nearby trees and bushes. Trim them back to prevent falling branches due to snow or ice.

The life of a homeowner is never easy. You have to maintain your home to protect this long-term investment. With these tips and a solid homeowners insurance policy, you will have the protection you need.

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