Reducing Your Liability Risk To Avoid A Business Insurance Claim
March 4, 2015

Reducing Your Liability Risk To Avoid A Business Insurance Claim

Small Business OwnerWe live in an increasingly litigious society and unfortunately, many people look for opportunities to make a quick buck. We’ve all heard of outlandish lawsuits such as ones brought by those claiming they got burned by a cup of coffee that is too hot, resulting in a large payout for the prosecuting side. Sometimes minor incidents end up forcing small businesses to shut their doors, so be smart and take steps to minimize your risk for liability.

  1. Make regular safety inspections. Slips and falls are the most common liability lawsuits. Outdoors, keep sidewalks clean and clear and place all unnecessary items in a place away from public access. Indoors, keep floors clean and dry. Secure rugs to avoid tripping hazards, and be vigilant about keeping bathrooms clean since they are a hotspot for accidents. If you serve food, keep temperatures within acceptable parameters.
  2. Inspect products for quality. If a defective product causes injury, the seller and manufacturer are automatically negligent. There is little defense in this situation, so avoid it by selling quality products. When a customer does present a complaint, don’t argue about a refund or replacement. It’s a relatively small expense compared to dealing with a lawsuit.
  3. Train employees. An inappropriate comment or questionable conduct can result in a situation that quickly escalates out of control. Make sure employees have strict guidelines on how to interact with clients and customers. Hiring “mystery shoppers” is great way to find out how your employees deal with customers when you’re not there.
  4. Contact your independent insurance agent. There is good news. Adequate liability coverage can help prevent your business from shutting down in the event of a lawsuit. Business owners often underestimate liability limits, but insurance experts know how much coverage you need, so set up a meeting with your agent to discuss current limits and trust his or her knowledge.

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