Rate Fluctuations in Car Insurance: Age, Gender and Occupation Matter
May 31, 2013

Rate Fluctuations in Car Insurance: Age, Gender and Occupation Matter

You might assume that if you start to drive at the age of 16, your Lawrenceville auto insurance rates will automatically be higher than average. After all, The Department of Motor Vehicles reports that 16-year-old male drivers have the highest fatality rate of all drivers in the United States. And while charging higher rates for people in higher-risk groups might seem to make sense, sometimes other factors are at play. For example, drivers 75 years old and older are perceived as both a risk and victims of bias, despite the DMV statistics that show older people are equally at risk of accidents. How exactly does your age, gender and occupation affect your insurance rate?

Forbes.com reported in early 2013 that American men have been paying well over $15,000 a year more than women on their car insurance. However, in Europe, gender bias in car insurance rates has been eliminated by a decree of the European Court of Justice. That move hasn’t persuaded insurers in the United States to change their practice of charging men more than women for insurance.

Another factor that affects your insurance rate is your occupation. DMV statistics show that scientists, pilots and artists are the top three occupations for the lowest insurance rates. On the other end of the spectrum lawyers pay the most, based on a higher perceived risk of accidents due to cell-phone use while driving. Whether there is data that proves that lawyers are worse cell phone offenders than other occupations is on not clear. However, the Center for Disease Control cites very high percentages worldwide in mobile device use while driving.

 Is there any action you can take to overcome some of the insurance risk associated with factors you can’t change such as your age or your gender? The best solution seems to be to get married, as married individuals are ranked lower in the accident risk category. Whether those college-aged male newlyweds are studying to be scientists or lawyers doesn’t seem to have any bearing on the ranking of risk.

Joking aside, the most important thing to do is focus on being a safe driver. Taking a safety course may also lower your premium. Ultimately, it is your driving record that will determine your rate, no matter your age, gender or occupation. Give Guardian Insurance a call for a free car insurance quote at 855-464-8273, and we’ll evaluate your risk factors and find the insurance policy that is best for you.

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