Make Safety an Essential Part of your Workers’ Compensation Plan
March 12, 2013

Make Safety an Essential Part of your Workers’ Compensation Plan

As a business owner it’s important to understand that workers’ compensation coverage is an essential purchase. However, even with Lawrenceville workers compensation insurance you’re still likely to face an increase in your premiums after an accident. That is why implementing safety as an integral part of your operations can help keep your insurance rates and accident claims low.

Involve your Managers in being Proactive about Safety

When holding business meetings with your managers, involve them in discussions about safety and remind them of the importance of maintaining a safe work environment. Press upon them that safety is a shared responsibility and it is to everyone’s benefit to ensure working conditions are safe and hazard free. Also, try to develop a safety plan including goals that are to be met, and make sure the managers are proactive with employees that are not following your business’s safety guidelines. 

Engage your Employees

Hold monthly safety meetings with your employees and discuss the importance of maintaining their work areas and following safe work guidelines. Make sure they are aware of the proper regulations regarding equipment and provide them with the necessary safety precautions required to carry out their duties in the workplace. 

Encourage the employees to bring safety concerns to their managers so they can be addressed before an accident occurs.  When employees are engaged and feel their input is being heard, they respond and will put a greater effort into following your guidelines.

Hold People Accountable 

If people are not following the safety guidelines laid out for your business, make sure to hold them accountable.  If your policy is to be lax with safety measures, people become careless and which is when the highest rates of incidents occur.  Make sure your managers and employees realize that being careless not only affects their own personal safety, but the safety of everyone that works around them.  A zero-tolerance policy will ensure your business is protected against needless loss, and the repercussions that accompany it.

Reward Safety-Conscious Employees 

Rewarding employees for their efforts in promoting safety in the workplace will encourage them to continue good working habits, and increase the co-operation of other employees that may not be as diligent.  The rewards do not have to be costly; if your workers have been diligent in following safety practices perhaps a pizza lunch quarterly, or if one employee stands out for their contribution to the safety of the workplace, a gift certificate for a coffee house may be a suggestion.  Small gestures increase loyalty and dedication and the return on investment can be immeasurable.

Implementing some or all of these suggestions can greatly reduce your risk and keep your workers’ compensation premiums lower.  Make safety a part of your workers’ compensation plan.  

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