Liability Insurance For Small Business
October 13, 2015

Liability Insurance For Small Business

Small Business InsuranceWhen selecting business insurance coverage options for your small business, a risk that is becoming more and more important to insure is liability. People are quick to sue these days if they perceive a business as the source of their woes, whether the allegations are grounded or frivolous. The liability coverage portion of your business insurance policy can help cover the costs associated with legal fees and settlements.

Because of the growing risk of liability, there are now quite a few types of liability coverages available to you. Some businesses may find that commercial general liability coverage is enough, while manufacturers may want product liability coverage and restaurants may want liquor liability coverage. Luckily, your independent insurance agent can evaluate the unique risks faced by your business and recommend appropriate coverage options to help protect your interests.

A liability lawsuit could quickly add up to cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not more. So though having a discussion about insurance may not sound fun, it could prove to be extremely beneficial if your business comes under fire later on. And since many small businesses do not have large budgets from which they could draw money to fund a lawsuit, the protection of liability insurance may actually mean the difference between financial ruin and making a comeback after disaster.

Remember, liability insurance cannot prevent a lawsuit from occurring, but it can provide the valuable funds to overcome the financial impact. Talk to your agent today to learn more about specific risks and which protections are right for your business.

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