Is RV Insurance Required?
May 20, 2016

Is RV Insurance Required?

RV on the HighwayAs summer approaches, lots of families are hitting the road for RV trips. Perhaps you enjoy going sightseeing or you’re planning on traveling to visit with family. Whatever the case, it’s important to ensure your vehicle — and family — is protected before heading off.

Your RV should be in good condition and topped off with fluids, including a full tank of gas. But it’s just as important that you ensure your RV insurance is up-to-date before loading up the vehicle. Every state requires all vehicles — including RVs — to be insured with liability coverage. This is designed to protect other drivers in the event that you or your RV causes damages to them.

Apart from your state’s liability requirements, other RV insurance coverages are often optional. (However, your lender may have additional coverage requirements until the vehicle is paid off.) The coverage options you select depend on the level of protection you want for your RV and the personal belongings stored on board.

For instance, you can choose to purchase a policy that offers protection for:

  • The structure of the RV itself
  • Awnings and other exterior features
  • Equipment Breakdown, such as galley appliances
  • Your personal assets, like clothes and sporting gear
  • Roadside Assistance

While most of these coverages are optional, it’s worth considering the investment you’ve made. Apart from your house, it’s likely that your RV and everything within it are your largest investment — which is well worth protecting. And fortunately, a good RV insurance policy often costs less than you might assume.

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