Insure Your Hobbies
October 23, 2013

Insure Your Hobbies

Hobbies add zest to your life; not to mention, you pay big bucks for your passion. Did you know that you can insure some hobbies like you could a home or car? If your weekend activities involve valuable assets and equipment, it’s something you may want to consider. Let’s look at a few insurable hobbies.


Bicycles are ridden for both pleasure and transport. One thing is certain—serious bikers spend serious amounts of money on their wheels. Your homeowners insurance covers your personal property, but often will not cover the entire cost of your bike. If your home is robbed or catches fire, your losses can quickly exceed the limit of your policy. Bicycle insurance should be considered by serious riders.


Golfers rely on electric golf carts to carry them across the green, but golf carts are also used within retirement and gated communities. Accidents, just like with cars, can cause property damage and/or injuries. Golf carts, and any personal items inside, are also easier to steal. A golf cart insurance policy can include coverage for collisions, liability, medical payments, uninsured motorists, and roadside assistance.

Musical Instruments

Many instruments, such as grand pianos or cellos, can cost thousands of dollars and can be damaged as easily as being exposed to humidity or being dropped during transport. Instrument insurance should be considered by any serious musician, particularly ones who tote instruments around, and even parents that have children in band or orchestra. Your homeowners insurance may cover instruments up to a certain limit, but oftentimes, additional coverage is necessary.


Hunters and collectors take pride in their taxidermy animals, but most homeowners policies exclude taxidermy from coverage. Aside from fire damage, water damage and theft, taxidermy animals can undergo damage during shipping. All of these damages are covered under taxidermy insurance, which also pays for repairs and offers replacement costs in the event of theft or severe damage.

Protecting your hobbies is one more way to protect your home and lifestyle. Call Guardian Insurance at 855-464-8273 for more information on Lawrenceville homeowners insurance.

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