Honor Your Agency’s Committments to Its Auto Insurance Customers
April 16, 2012

Honor Your Agency’s Committments to Its Auto Insurance Customers

When working with your customers on an Auto Insurance Policy or a Homeowner’s Insurance Policy,  whether they are new customers or existing policy holders, be sure that when you make a commitment you can deliver on it!  The fastest way to lose any customer is to make a promise that you can’t keep.  Those of us in the industry know that there are many factors that influence rates on Auto Insurance Quotes and Homeowner’s Insurance Quotes, so make sure you or your staff is diligent in getting their facts right so their are no unpleasant surprises for your customer when it comes time to Buy Auto Insurance or Buy Homeowner’s Insurance.  Say what you are going to do do for the customer and keep your word by sticking to it.  At Guardian Insurance or motto is, “Where Someone is Always Looking Out for You” and it is a mantra we live by every day.

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