Homeowner’s Insurance Price Increases
September 29, 2011

Homeowner’s Insurance Price Increases

It’s a fact! If you live in the state of Georgia, the premiums for Homeowner’s insurance are going up. With the amount of damage caused by all of the storms we’ve experienced this year, some of the standard insurance companies such as State Farm, Nationwide and Allstate have all filed for rate increases from the Georgia Insurance Commissioner. Some were asking for rate increases of up to 65%!! … What this shows those of you who are homeowner’s is that these comapnies aren’t looking to write any new business and they are using their existing customers to make up some of their losses. At Guardian Insurance, we write for so many different companies and most of them aren’t so heavily tied down in the Homeowner’s market. What does this means to you is one thing — SAVINGS! By not having as many Homeowner’s policies on their books, the comapnies that we represent haven’t suffered the huge losses that their competitors have and, as such, haven’t raised their premiums. Same great coverage all with a lower price tag. So if you’ve opened mail from your current insurance company that covers your home and been shocked at the rate increase, do yourself a favor and call 1.855.GO.GUARDIAN and let us help you. I promise you…you’ll be glad you did.

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