Home Insurance and Dog Breeds: Does the Type of Dog Matter?
May 10, 2018

Home Insurance and Dog Breeds: Does the Type of Dog Matter?

Do pets impact your home insurance? If you have a pet in your home, let your insurance agent know it is there. Your policy needs to reflect the presence of any animal. image of beautiful gray dog with blue eyes

The reason for this is simple. If you have damage to your home from a dog, and your insurer does not know you have one, you may not have coverage. While most agents do not need to know about smaller animals, it is still a good idea to list them on your policy.

The Dog Breed May Matter, Too

Your policy should include information about the dogs you have. Dogs – even as a beloved family member in your home – can be unpredictable. They can bite another person. This can create a liability risk. Let your home insurance agent know more about your animal, so you have proper protection.

Most agents will need to know about the dog’s breed. Some home insurers will not include larger, more muscular dogs in coverage. These dogs are more likely to cause larger amounts of damage to another person if they do attack or bite. Because they can create severe harm, some agencies will not provide protection.

It is true there are many misconceptions about breeds of dogs and how aggressive they are. That is why some home insurance agents will specifically not cover dogs considered aggressive. This decision comes from the insurance company based on its research and findings. Some use the Applied Animal Behavior Science Journal to gather information about breeds. Others use data about previous claims they paid for various types of dogs.

It’s important to know your agent wants to help you protect yourself and your family from risk. To do that, do your best to keep your dog out of harm’s way:

  • Be sure your dog is social with other dogs and humans beyond your family.
  • Be sure the dog has a rabies vaccination.
  • When you are out in public, put the dog on a leash. Never have the dog too far out of your reach.
  • Teach dogs to obey your commands, including dropping toys.
  • Never leave your dog unattended with strangers or children of any age.

Taking these steps protects your pet. It also ensures your home insurance coverage fits the risks present. You need coverage for risks you cannot foresee.

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