Golden Tips that Will Save You Money on Auto Insurance
February 13, 2013

Golden Tips that Will Save You Money on Auto Insurance

Choosing an insurance policy requires a certain level of dedication and knowledge. Lacking these principals can put you at a risk of losing money or carrying insufficient coverage. 

Our goal is to provide golden tips on how to get a good policy for your vehicle each and every time.

Low Risk Occupation Discount and Auto Clubs

Insurance companies use different techniques to determine your monthly premium. The result is a risk factor of high or low. A low risk means having to pay lower premiums, whereas a high risk lands you with a higher premium. Applying extra safety gear such as a car alarm can help lower your risk and save you money.

If you are a member of a professional organization or an auto club, your insurance provider may be more flexible and give you a lower rate for your auto coverage.  Not all insurance companies do this, so to be sure ask yours if they can give a discount based on your professional organization or auto club.

Certain occupations are considered low-risk and receive lower insurance premiums. Be very specific about your occupation when applying for Lawrenceville auto insurance as it might save you money. Professionals like journalists and real estate agents do not score highly and may not get a discount. Find out if your profession scores highly by searching for it on your insurance provider’s website.

Reject Renewal Quotes

Do not accept a renewal quote from your current insurance company. Insurers are more interested in new customers and offer huge discounts to close a claim. Transitioning to a different insurance provider or applying as a new customer to your existing one will save you more. Insurers offer up fifty percent discounts on new customers.

Avoid Making Small Claims

When you make small claims on your car insurance, you are likely to pay higher premium rates at renewal the following year. Some insurance companies may even decline to renew you cover if you have made numerous small claims in a year. Set a high excess level when you apply. This could work in your favor and bring the premium down.

Install Security Devices and Don’t Over-Customize Your Ride

The safer your car is, the more money you will save with your insurer. It is invaluable to install security devices and mileage tracking devices on your car. Some insurance companies evaluate and acknowledge the effectiveness and benefits of car security products and give discounts to customers who have them installed.

Insurers rarely cover highly customized cars. When they do, they charge extra, which makes your premium higher.

Compare Quotes From Different Companies

Different companies offer different quotes for the same coverage. For example, a policy worth $200,000 and another worth $500,000 will have very different monthly premiums. To compare the policies, check the provider’s website and obtain quotes. Make sure that you compare similar policies (with the same premium) before choosing a policy that works for you. 

Building from another insurance policy

If you have another insurance policy such as home insurance or boat insurance, consider insuring your car with the same company. Some companies offer discounts for signing up for multiple policies.

Feel free to give Guardian Insurance a call at 1-855-464-8273 to get a free car insurance quote.

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