DUI Auto Insurance: 5 FAQ’s After Arrest
December 28, 2012

DUI Auto Insurance: 5 FAQ’s After Arrest

After a drink driving arrest, obtaining DUI (driving under the influence) auto insurance is one of the largest concerns for many people. Here are five of the most frequently asked questions for those who have been arrested on the charge of being drunk while driving.

1. After a DUI What Happens to Your Auto Insurance?

When arrested for drunk driving, there are two potential options your insurance provider may enact: your insurance rates will rise significantly or your insurance policy will be terminated

Should your policy be terminated, you must then switch to an alternative insurance provider because it is illegal to possess a registered vehicle bereft of car insurance. Before acquiring a new policy however, you are required to fill out an SR-22 insurance form. The SR-22 is a necessity for all DUI drivers prior to making a purchase of an auto insurance policy. Upon submission of the form, your insurance premium will rise dramatically.

2. For What Reason is the DUI Insurance Rate Particularly Costly?

If you are arrested for drunk driving, you are then regarded as high risk. With high risk comes a much more costly auto insurance premium.

3. How Much is the Premium Expected to Increase by?

For the following three years after being charged for drunk driving, your DUI premium will rise by as much as three to five times over and above the cost of normal auto insurance. Subsequently, once three years has elapsed, your driving record will be reviewed and your insurance premium may drop significantly in price.

4. For How Long Will the DUI Remain on Your Record?

After arrest, a DUI is assigned to your driving record in addition to your criminal record. Incidents assigned to your driving record are accorded a points value. As an example, a speeding ticket will be assigned a single point value and will remain on your driving record for a total of three years. However, a DUI will credit two points to your driving record and will remain there for a minimum of 10 years, dependent on state. In Florida for example, the mark is retained for 75 years, and in Tennessee it remains on your driving record for life. In most states, after the 10 year duration period, the DUI will be erased from your record.

5. Is it Possible to Reduce the Cost of the Auto Insurance Premium?

DUI auto insurance can cost thousands of dollars each year, but it is possible to reduce this amount by being fortunate enough to avoid any traffic accidents or violations. A clean driving license often equates to a reduction on the cost of the premium.

For more information on how to reduce the cost of your DUI insurance premium for Lawrenceville Auto Insurance please call us at 855-GO-GUARDIAN (855-464-8273).

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