Does Auto Insurance Cover Damage From A Trailer Pulled Behind Your Car?
December 16, 2016

Does Auto Insurance Cover Damage From A Trailer Pulled Behind Your Car?

SUV Pulling Boat TrailerYou may wonder about the benefits of towing a trailer behind your vehicle. Though this is not commonly done with a traditional car, it is a common option for most pickup trucks.

Smaller trailers can also attach to smaller vehicles, and they provide you more room to bring items along with you. But, hooking a trailer up to your car can create a risk of damage. It’s important to know if your auto insurance policy can help you cover these types of risks.

Will Insurance Cover You?

Each car insurance plan is different, so it’s important to do your due diligence to see if a policy covers trailers. Always check with your agent and read your policy before making a decision to attach a trailer to your car.

Here are a few additional things to keep in mind.

  • Buy trailer insurance or a rider to your existing vehicle if you use the trailer a lot. This provides extensive protection for you.
  • Auto insurance may cover small trailers that easily attach to your vehicle. Verify this with your insurer before you use it. If a trailer becomes damaged or totaled, and you have comprehensive and collision coverage, you may be eligible to file a claim on it.
  • In some cases, a trailer can break loose and damage property or cause injuries. Be sure your liability insurance limits are high enough to cover this risk

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If you have regular need for a trailer, it is best to purchase a separate trailer insurance plan. It can help to minimize the risks to your vehicle or to others should something occur while the trailer is in use. Most policies are inexpensive and can offer a significant amount of liability insurance.

If you’re planning to add a trailer, your first step should be to discuss the value, the type of trailer, the way it attaches, and the frequency of your use with your auto insurance provider.

If necessary, purchase a rider to your car insurance or a separate policy for the trailer. This will ensure that you have protection at all times.

We are happy to offer you a variety of resources regarding auto insurance and trailer insurance. Call Guardian Insurance at (855) 554-6482 or contact us online to learn more.

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