Commercial Auto Insurance Savings – 3 Ways to Lower Your Rates
August 8, 2019

Commercial Auto Insurance Savings – 3 Ways to Lower Your Rates

Having adequate commercial auto insurance isn’t something a business with vehicles can afford to go without. However, when every dollar matters, it is important to find affordable policies and available discounts. Most insurance agents are happy to help you navigate policyimage of commercial car and employee options to lower your costs. However, you have to ask for some help in doing so. Here are three ways you may be able to see a drop in your rates.

#1: Create an Automated Way to Manage Drivers

Knowing when and how much your drivers are driving is important in some types of businesses. We all recognize the importance of this log for tractor-trailer operators. However, any driver operating for a business needs some consideration here, especially when it comes to driver behavior. You should be able to monitor your drivers to tell what operating risks they pose to the business.

Let’s say you have a delivery driver who gets a ticket. Perhaps one that has been in an accident. Unless you have a way to monitor their driving record and actions, you cannot know for sure what is happening. You might not know if you need to take them off your policy.

Work with your insurance company to monitor your driver services. There are several services that can track your drivers’ license and driving records for you.

#2: Add Protections to the Vehicle

No matter the type of vehicle, it can help to have a way to track it installed on board. You can do this with a basic GPS tracking service or a more complex tool.

However, in all cases, you want to know where your vehicle is at any given time. This can help in fighting claims of accidents. It also makes sure if a vehicle theft occurs, the police have a better chance of tracking down the location of the vehicle. It can also help you to know where your employees may be spending too much time. Some devices can also help to monitor for the speed the vehicle is moving.

#3: Hire the Best Providers

If driving is a big component of your operation, be sure the people behind the wheel have skill and ongoing training. You also want to know they are reliable drivers based on their previous driving record. The more you know about your new hires, the better. Vet them first, then make sure they receive appropriate training to operate your specific vehicles. Also make sure they have appropriate licensing.

Let your business insurance company know about the investments you are making. You may see commercial auto insurance rates fall if you have fewer claims. However, you may also see rates drop just by informing your agent about the addition of these tools. Your agent can also offer additional money-saving tips for most companies.

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