Check Out These Dock Safety Tips
June 28, 2017

Check Out These Dock Safety Tips

boat on the waterEven if you’re not out at sea, you can still damage your vessel. Or, worse, you can damage yourself. It’s important to understand the ins and outs of dock safety. Understanding near-water safety can spare you injuries, hefty fines and even boat damage.

Your boat insurance policy doesn’t cover everything. So, you’re better off solidifying your dock safety routine. Let’s check out these top dock safety tips.

Safety Tip One: Check the Boat Lift Cables

Your boat lift cables, when exposed, can harm those nearby. Check them routinely for weak spots, and make sure they’re clean. Dirt and debris, over time, can weaken your cables. If they’re weak, they may snap—injuring those nearby.

Safety Tip Two: Get Regular Electrical Inspections

Even when your systems function perfectly, your electronics still need observation. Docks have exposure to a lot of elements. They experience electrical damages with relative frequency.

Make sure any lighting on your dock works. Check wiring for corrosion, breaks and shots. Have a technician examine your setup at least twice per year.

Safety Tip Three: Cover the Watercraft

Consider buying a boat cover. Sure, your boat might already have exposure to water. But, it needn’t face damages from air-bound salt, heavy rain, hail and flying debris.

Keep your watercraft covered when it isn’t in use. You’ll help protect its overall durability—not to mention its paint.

Safety Tip Four: Watch Out for Ropes, String and Rigging

These items often don’t get enough attention, but they can spell out disaster if they aren’t watched. Passerby can get tangled in them. If this happens, you may be dealing with a rescue swimming operation. These items also conduct electricity. If they’re exposed to nearby outlets, they can give a nasty shock to those nearby.

Never let children go near the dock unattended. Additionally, make sure you’re up to date with your dock and boat’s regulations.

To maximize your policy’s coverage, make sure the entire area is clear from debris and any personal items. Often, nearby lawn items get moved towards a dock. Whether you’re spraying the dock’s surface, checking the boat or are getting ready for an outing, an ounce of prevention counts. Check with your boat insurance provider, and ask them about your policy’s dock coverage.

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