Can You Get Affordable Auto Insurance As A High-Risk Driver?
August 12, 2016

Can You Get Affordable Auto Insurance As A High-Risk Driver?

Man Getting a TicketAll Georgia drivers need to maintain auto insurance coverage at or above the minimum coverage requirements set forth by state law. However, finding the right coverage for an affordable price can become trickier for high-risk drivers. How is a high-risk driver different from other drivers?

A driver is deemed high-risk under a number of circumstances that create risk to other drivers, including (but not limited to):

  • Driving without a valid license
  • Driving without auto insurance
  • Being involved in numerous accidents
  • Receiving multiple tickets
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

If you’re caught displaying risky driving behavior, you may be required to file for an SR-22. This is a certificate that proves you have auto insurance. Your insurance provider will file the SR-22 with the Georgia DMV, and your insurer must also inform the DMV if your coverage lapses for any reason.

Because an SR-22 denotes a high-risk driver, you may see that your car insurance rates go up to compensate your insurer for taking on a higher level of risk. Some insurance providers may even refuse to cover high-risk drivers. However, with the help of your independent insurance agent, you can find a policy with an insurer that does provide coverage for high-risk drivers. It will likely still cost more than standard coverage (due to the high-risk status), but your agent can work to find you the best deal possible.

Don’t let a higher price tag prevent you from maintaining coverage. If you do let your coverage lapse, you could be fined, your license may be revoked or you could end up behind bars. Maintaining coverage is always worth the cost.

Once you’ve fulfilled your SR-22 requirement (usually from one to three years, as mandated by the court), you can return to a normal auto insurance policy. At this point, your rates may drop back down to a more manageable price.

Ready to find an auto insurance policy that meets your needs, even if you are a high-risk driver? Our agents are happy to provide assistance. Call Guardian Insurance at (855) 554-6482 for a free Georgia SR-22 auto insurance quote.

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