Can Flood Insurance Minimize Losses After a Thunderstorm?
April 21, 2017

Can Flood Insurance Minimize Losses After a Thunderstorm?

couple examining a leak in their ceilingFor many people, a thunderstorm is nothing more than loud noise and a distraction. However, if you live in an area where the flood risk is high, any type of weather event like this can be worrisome.

Thunderstorms that drop a significant amount of rain in a short time can quickly escalate your risk of having water damage in your home. Flood insurance is a specific plan that may be available to reduce some of the losses you could face.

Who Should Purchase Flood Insurance?

The answer to this is not always clear. Most home insurance and property insurance plans specifically exclude covering damage from flooding. Yet, virtually any property could face damage as a result of significant rainfall. By this estimate, most property owners should purchase a plan using reasonable caution.

However, those who live in a high-risk area must have coverage to protect their property. The government has outlined specific risks associated with any location. Your insurance agent can help you pinpoint your property on a flood map to learn more about how much risk is present. Anyone with a high or mid-level threat should have flood insurance. That way, they can minimize the chances of financial loss.

What Happens After a Thunderstorm?

If you have flood insurance and a thunderstorm occurs, your plan may be able to help with losses. However, it is also important for you to maintain your home to minimize this risk. Make sure you have measures like flood tiles or drainage is in place and working properly. When rain falls quickly and flooding occurs, you may have damage to the interior of the property. It could also affect areas such as your basement or lowest floor, as well as the foundation.

Flood insurance can cover the loss of permanent structures, such as flooring or wall coverings, as well as repairs to the structure and foundation. It usually does not replace everything you lost, but it can provide protection.

If a thunderstorm occurs and damage is present, contact your insurance agent to file a claim. You should do this before you start to clean up or take photos of the instance. Doing this can help to prove your claim and document your loss.

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