Atlanta GA Auto Insurance
February 2, 2012

Atlanta GA Auto Insurance

Atlanta Auto Insurance from a consumer and agency standpoint is more complex than most people realize. Stick with someone you know and trust, whoever that may be, to insure that they are looking out for you. For Instance – the “captive” agents (The Big Three we’ll call them) write insurance for a carrier that tells them what they can and can’t write. And its not just about you being a preferred customer — you won’t write your homeowner’s and car insurance with us? Too bad, we won’t write you then. Credit score isn’t what it once was?? Find another company. God forbid you have to file a homeowner’s claim — watch what happens when you go to renew. Not to mention that these massive Insurance companies have to leverage their profits and losses with the prices of their products. A good friend of mine just had their rates increased by 40%!! Why? Massive losses for these companies over the last two years in their Georgia homeowner’s portfolio, because of the extreme weather we have endured. One of the above “not to be named companies” posted a 200% loss for 2010!
So the question for these large insurance companies becomes, “How do we offer Georgia Affordable Auto Insurance?” Well one of these companies answers can be seen on TV just about every day. Their answer was to cut their agents out of the picture, get around their own underwriting guidelines and market straight to the consumer. You may have noticed that Allstate just purchased e-surance. Just watch the ads. Why would they do this? Because they couldn’t compete with the carriers and products that most Georgia Auto Insurance Agency owners can offer. Sometimes, bigger isn’t always better. Would you rather be a small fish in a big pond, lost in the shuffle, just a policy number or a big fish in a small pond where your agent recognizes you by name, knows when your payments are due and can come up with ways to help you out when money is tight?
Low Cost Auto Insurance can be found in Georgia — you just have to know where to look and find someone who you can trust.

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