Are You a Sunday Biker?
July 19, 2013

Are You a Sunday Biker?

Along with encountering many other kinds of coverage issues, many people who have purchased Lawrenceville motorcycle insurance may find that they’re spending too much on premiums simply because they are over-reporting the amount of time they spend on the road. Motorcycle insurance is one of the most precise and nuanced insurance products, because most motorcyclists don’t use the motorcycle as their primary means of transportation. That means that it can be very tricky to report accurate mileage and add just the right coverage for one or more motorcycles in a household.

The Once-a-Week Driver

There are a large number of motorcycle riders who fall into the category of “Sunday bikers,” or once-a-week riders. These motorcycle owners work 9-to-5 throughout the week and use other modes of transport to get to and from work. The motorcycle only comes out of the garage on the weekend, on a Saturday or Sunday.

One problem with this is that someone preparing for a summer-riding season may not really have a good grasp of how many hours or how much mileage they will need coverage for during the season. Some of these weekends will be rainy. On other weekends, riders may have family responsibilities or be attending other kinds of social events. Someone who sits down and calculates his likely actual use of the motorcycle may find that he is really only taking three or four trips in a season, where originally he anticipated going out every weekend. Reporting this variance to insurers can make a big difference on motorcycle insurance policies and premiums. Riders need to have a true picture of their riding habits and present that at the beginning of the summer to benefit from premiums that don’t provide more coverage than needed.

Other Ways to Save on Motorcycle Insurance

Along with the above idea of only paying for mileage used, there’s also the idea that skipping some kinds of possibly unnecessary coverage can lower premiums even more. Riders can apply a deductible, or they can skip some of the extra services like 24-hour roadside assistance. Those who will be riding only a few times in a season may be able to arrange for someone in their family to pick them up in the event of a breakdown. This can save a lot of money on premiums, money that’s spent on things that probably won’t occur. The same idea holds true for items like theft and vandalism insurance; on one hand, if riders do experience theft, they won’t be covered unless they include these coverages, but in some cases, for example, if riding to destinations that offer locked garages, paying for theft coverage might be an unnecessary expense.

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