4 Must-Have Business Insurance Policies
January 16, 2017

4 Must-Have Business Insurance Policies

Mix of Businesspeople PosingAs a business owner, you may feel like you constantly have to duck and dodge problems. Avoiding risks is a part of business, one that will improve your chances of success.

When it comes to meeting the demands of your business, it’s much better to have a partner to help you avoid risks. Business insurance that can help you lessen the fallout of experiencing a business loss.

Below are four must-have commercial insurance policies that will help you protect your business.

1. Commercial Auto Insurance

A regular auto insurance policy isn’t usually sufficient for commercial vehicles or fleets. Wrecks involving company cars usually cost significantly more to settle. As such, a typical auto insurance policy will not provide the coverage you need.

We offer a selection of commercial auto policies to meet your needs when it comes to coverage.

2. General Liability Insurance

There is always the chance of someone getting injured at your facilities. If this happens, you may be liable for their medical expenses. You may also have to pay settlement costs if the case makes its way to court.

General liability insurance helps cover losses if the judge deems you responsible. If you don’t have this coverage, you may be responsible for paying all liability-related costs from these incidents yourself.

3. Commercial Property Insurance

Much like your home, there is always a chance of your business experiencing a fire or other damage. In cases like these, you have to make the repairs to continue your operations.

You can buy a commercial property policy. This coverage often provides the money to help you rebuild after property damage.

4. Professional Liability Insurance

If you are a consultant or you own a medical practice, professional liability insurance is a must. People rely on your advice to make decisions about their personal business. You can’t afford to be wrong.

This coverage can help you reach settlements and plead cases so your financial losses are small.

Make sure you’re protected. If you lack one of these business insurance options, call Guardian Insurance at (855) 554-6482 for a free Georgia business insurance quote.

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