10 Tips on How to Detail Your Motorcycle
May 9, 2014

10 Tips on How to Detail Your Motorcycle

Have you ever thoroughly washed the road grime off of your motorcycle? This task may be a bit grueling, but performing it twice per year keeps your bike running smooth and looking great. Below are the steps for a DIY motorcycle detail.

  1. Gather a bucket, mild soap (dishwashing detergent works well), towels and rags, brushes and sponges, degreaser, hand tools for partial disassembly, steel wool and polish. Remember to launder towels and rags between uses.
  2. Remove the seat and accessories. You can also remove the side covers if desired.
  3. Elevate the rear wheel.
  4. Rinse the motorcycle with a hose, taking care not to spray electrical components.
  5. Apply the degreaser to grimy areas, such as the chain, wheels and engine. Scrub with a rag or brush to loosen up the residues. Rub degreaser along the chain, rotating the rear wheel so you can clean the entire chain.
  6. Fill the bucket with soapy water and lather up the bike like you would a car. Scrub off the degreaser as well. Use an old toothbrush for hard to reach areas.
  7. Rinse the motorcycle and dry with a microfiber towel.
  8. Apply polishing paste to metal surfaces and work the steel wool over it in small circles to remove rust and minor blemishes. Do not such gritty polishes on plastic, paint or chrome.
  9. Spray the entire chain with wax spray or chain lube.
  10. Buff the motorcycle with a clean cloth.

Taking the time to give your bike a little bit of TLC helps keep it in great shape throughout the years. Visit your local motorcycle supply store for more tips and pointers on DIY motorcycle care.

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