Safety Gear that Can Benefit You on Your Motorcycle
marzo 14, 2018

Safety Gear that Can Benefit You on Your Motorcycle

Now that it’s spring, you’re probably ready to hit the road and enjoy the beautiful weather on your motorcycle. Nevertheless, getting ready to ride takes time and preparation. image of couple riding a scooter

Riding a motorcycle is a lot different than driving a car. For one, you don’t have the four wheels of the vehicle to provide extra stability. You also don’t have the insulation of the car to provide a higher degree of protection. So, you have a bigger need to protect yourself while riding. This means investing in safety gear that’s appropriate for your needs. Doing so might prove lifesaving.

The Lawfulness of Motorcycle Safety Gear

Many states recognize the importance that motorcyclists wear protective gear. As a result, quite a few have instituted laws requiring riders to wear certain items. The most common required item is the motorcycle helmet. Georgia requires all bikers to wear a helmet when operating on its roadways. Those who violate the law can face penalties, including fines.

Getting the Right Equipment

Wherever you ride your bike, inspect your location’s safety gear requirements. Make sure you wear that equipment first and foremost. Even so, regardless the law, you should always wear protective gear in excess of the law.

  • Wear a helmet at all times. Helmets are some of the most critical protective gear available to riders. Your helmet should meet all recommended safety standards. Fit it snugly, and never take it off while the bike is in motion.
  • In addition to the helmet, wear protective eyewear, like goggles or sunglasses. Remember, you will ride in the open air, and there’s a potential for something to impact your face. If you leave your eyes exposed, they might be susceptible to harm.
  • Many bikers wear chest, knee or elbow pads. This helps to protect their extremities from harmful impacts.
  • Use strong shoes and even gloves while you ride. This can help you keep better control of your foot and handlebar pedal systems.
  • Wear clothing that is appropriate for the environment. Exposure to temperatures, precipitation, wind and debris can do a number on your skin. By adding an extra layer of protection you might prevent a lot of inconvenience.

Check your gear before every ride. Replace worn or damaged gear as necessary. As you ride, periodically check your gear to make sure it remains in good shape.

If you experience any accidents during your ride, your bike insurance might come in handy. Certain policies might also contain medical payments coverage to help you cover some or all resulting injury costs. Talk to your insurance agent at 855.554.6482 about the best way to insure yourself while riding.  

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