Improving Your Visibility on a Motorcycle
julio 31, 2017

Improving Your Visibility on a Motorcycle

image of man riding motorcycle out in the countryMost motorcyclists know they operate a more sensitive vehicle than the average car. Motorcycles require care when operating. They also don’t offer the same structural security as a standard vehicle. For this reason, bikers need to maintain adequate visibility when riding.

A novice may not realize that motorcycles are not as visible on the road as standard cars. Bikes don’t have the standard frame or lighting structure of the average car or truck. This may make the motorcycle less noticeable than other cars. Diminished visibility means motorcyclists might face extra risks while operating.

Problems with visibility could be a factor into a motorcycle accident. The accident might lead to you making a claim with your motorcycle insurance.

A motorcyclist should take steps to improve—indeed, maximize—their visibility while riding. There are a variety of ways to improve your visibility and make other drivers aware of the bike. Such techniques might include:

  • Using care when passing or following traffic. Responsible riders should always pass with care and use appropriate signals, speeds and merging techniques. Riders should never follow a car too closely. This is commonly called tailgating or riding a bumper. Doing so poses an extreme risk to every driver, not only bikers.
  • Learn navigational hand signals. Some states require bikers to give hand signals when slowing, passing and turning. Doing so can help inform other drivers of your intentions even if you have a device like a turn signal.
  • Wearing clothes that increase your visibility. Drivers frequently wear reflective clothing or bright colors. Some drivers even add reflective tape to both their clothing and their bikes.
  • Making proper use of your lights. All bikes come with standard lights like every car. Bikers should always use their headlights at night and during inclement weather. Bikes often come with additional driving lights that drivers can operate at any time.
  • Operating in good weather. Many bikers only use their motorcycles during optimal weather. Good weather improves their ability to handle the machine. It also reduces the risk that riders won’t be visible to other drivers.
  • Adding legal visibility enhancements to their bikes. These might include bright LED lights or extra light attachments. Some bikers might even be able to add helmet lamps to increase their visibility. Whenever you add attachments to your bike, make sure you do so only using lawful and approved devices. Certain visibility enhancements may distract other drivers, leading to counter-productive safety risks.

As always, observing all the rules of the road will make you a better operator. Not speeding, using your lights and wearing a noticeable helmet can improve your visibility.

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