General Liability Insurance for Chiropractors
marzo 7, 2019

General Liability Insurance for Chiropractors

Having proper general liability insurance as a chiropractor is critical. Most of the work you do helps others to feel good and improves overall health. Yet, it is not uncommon for mistakes to occur. General liability insurance is the first step of financial coverage for you. You mayimage of spine at chiropractor need additional protection. With your agent, you can pick the right coverage amount for your needs. Here is how to make those decisions.

What Will General Liability Insurance Cover?

General liability insurance for chiropractors provides financial protection from most types of claims and lawsuits. It is not uncommon to face a lawsuit in this industry. Some of them can top $100,000 or more in claims of damage. Such a claim can devastate a practice.

This could come from claims of personal injury. It could be the result of property damage. In some cases, reputational damage is also possible. General liability insurance gives you that first step to cover these losses.

The amount of coverage you obtain depends on your practice size and local claims in recent years. Your agent offers insight on this. Most practices need at least $1 million in per claim coverage. Some policies have a $2,000,000 limit. This may not be enough protection in some cases, though.

Going Beyond General Liability Insurance

Because you are a professional providing medical care, you may need professional liability insurance as well. This coverage works to protect you from claims of inaccurate treatment. Medical malpractice is a necessary type of protection here.

Unfortunately, even when you provide the very best level of service, you could have an individual file a claim against you. The patient was not happy with the treatment. The patient suffered an injury at your property. They claim you performed care that other doctors or chiropractors would not. They may even claim you promised a certain level of care you did not provide. Professional liability insurance and medical malpractice insurance provide the financial support you need to overcome these losses.

What to Do When a Claim Occurs?

If a customer or patient claims negligence, contact your agent. He or she works directly with that person. You should not admit any guilt. You should not verify any information to the individual. Rather, allow your agent to handle the entire process for you.

General liability insurance is just as valuable. Be sure to select a policy that reflects the types of risks you have. You also want to be sure you have coverage capable of meeting claims from multiple patients.

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