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    As of late, Georgia drivers have continued to be shocked by the large increases in the auto insurance premiums they see.  While some drivers are familiar with the fact that there are changes going on in the auto insurance industry, most Georgians still may not know the reasons why these changes are taking place. READ MORE >>

All Georgia drivers need to maintain auto insurance coverage at or above the minimum coverage requirements set forth by state law. However, finding the right coverage for an affordable price can become trickier for high-risk drivers. How is a high-risk driver different from other drivers? READ MORE >>

Since your house is likely your largest investment, getting the right home insurance is key for protecting your family's finances. However, just because you need to protect your home doesn't mean you want to pay a small fortune for insurance. READ MORE >>

Waiting for your renewal or new auto insurance rate quote can be difficult. As you’re waiting, all the things you’ve done wrong in regards to driving over the years become heavier on your mind and you might become more and more positive that each decision you’ve made will make a negative impact. READ MORE >>

Ever wondered why your friend’s car insurance rates are different to yours? What happens is that insurance companies are deciding what to charge for car insurance, by basically trying to predict the cost of claims the insurance company will pay in the future. READ MORE >>

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