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Have you ever thoroughly washed the road grime off of your motorcycle? This task may be a bit grueling, but performing it twice per year keeps your bike running smooth and looking great. Below are the steps for a DIY motorcycle detail. READ MORE >>

While you may not be a hardcore environmentalist like that neighbor with the solar panels on his roof, there are simple changes you can make to support the environment in your own way. Taking care of our planet is a must if we want future generations to thrive and grow. READ MORE >>

DETROIT- General Motors issued a new recall of 1.5 million vehicles Monday, part of an effort to assure buyers that it's moving faster to fix safety defects in its cars and trucks. In a video message to employees posted Monday, CEO Mary Barra said the new recall resulted from a push to review potential safety issues and resolve them more quickly. READ MORE >>

If you store your RV’s battery indoors during the winter, there are some tips and tricks you can use to extend its life. The period of time a battery lasts depends on its manufacturer, power capacity, how much you use it and under what conditions. And while a battery is not in use, it naturally loses some of its charge. READ MORE >>

Just like with personal auto insurance, any vehicles used for business, whether they provide employee mobility or transport goods and equipment, must be insured to protect other drivers who share the road. Beyond the minimum legal requirements, there are many more coverage options to add protection to your business’ vehicles, which may include: READ MORE >>

Road tripping with your best furry friend can be fun, or at least less stressful than leaving your beloved pet behind with a boarder. To ensure the comfort and safety of both you and your pet, there are precautions and travel tips you should prepare for ahead of time. READ MORE >>

Do you enjoy riding your motorcycle in the warmer weather, but would rather store your bike during the winter cold? Many people in this situation believe that cancelling their motorcycle insurance during the winter is a good way to save money since their bike is not in use anyway. However, this is not a good decision. READ MORE >>

Hobbies add zest to your life; not to mention, you pay big bucks for your passion. Did you know that you can insure some hobbies like you could a home or car? If your weekend activities involve valuable assets and equipment, it’s something you may want to consider. Let’s look at a few insurable hobbies. READ MORE >>

In many states, the arrival of the fall signals the start of a long period of wet, cold and blustery weather. In most cases, modern cars are more than capable of dealing with wet and windy conditions. However, severe weather can drastically alter a car’s handling, and that includes the effectiveness of its brakes. READ MORE >>

Over a million Americans have sold off their “sticks and bricks” home and live in their motorhomes or travel trailers full-time. However, even though RVers leave behind the world of cleaning gutters and mowing lawns, some important considerations follow, no matter how fast or far you drive. READ MORE >>

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