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After a drink driving arrest, obtaining DUI (driving under the influence) auto insurance is one of the largest concerns for many people. Here are five of the most frequently asked questions for those who have been arrested on the charge of being drunk while driving. 1. After a DUI What Happens to Your Auto Insurance? READ MORE >>

Insurance coverage protects a business from unanticipated damage to products, assets, employees and lost profits. General liability coverage typically packages several different types of coverage into one total policy. The five basic aspects of a commercial insurance policy include fire, theft, auto, accident and liability. READ MORE >>

The hard work, sacrifice and effort that goes into transforming an idea or a vision into a working business enterprise can only be fully appreciated by the owner. After setting up that business, keeping its vision alive and secure is the contractor’s duty. READ MORE >>

Big car, big damage in crashes By Wednesday, September 26, 2012 Posted: 10 am ET While you may take comfort in driving a larger vehicle with the knowledge that larger cars are safer in car crashes than smaller ones, many large cars are the ones that cause the most damag... READ MORE >>

There are three things that most people think of when they want to control their auto insurance premiums. First, they think about the discounts that they could qualify for; next, they think about increasing their deductibles so that they take on more of the initial financial risk after an acciden... READ MORE >>

In most states, it’s required that motorcycle riders have liability insurance. The purpose of liability insurance is to pay the other party involved in an accident, if you are at fault for it. Usually because the damage caused by a motorcycle isn’t as great as the damaged caused by an automobile. READ MORE >>

Waiting for your renewal or new auto insurance rate quote can be difficult. As you’re waiting, all the things you’ve done wrong in regards to driving over the years become heavier on your mind and you might become more and more positive that each decision you’ve made will make a negative impact. READ MORE >>

When you buy insurance coverage for your car, most companies will only insure your car for Actual Cash Value.  Actual Cash Value is determined by subtracting depreciated value from what your car was worth when it was new. READ MORE >>

Ever wondered why your friend’s car insurance rates are different to yours? What happens is that insurance companies are deciding what to charge for car insurance, by basically trying to predict the cost of claims the insurance company will pay in the future. READ MORE >>

Today’s economy presents you with many challenges on how you run and grow your business, including the rising cost of gas prices. For many, it has had a negative impact and some have taken a hit to the wallet. Take this opportunity to re-evaluate your business model and find creative ways to grow your business. READ MORE >>

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